Food, Recipes, and Gardens: What's Good for You?

I am passionate about choosing freshly grown foods complimented by aromatic herbs and zesty spices! Yummm!

Posts that are dedicated to recipe ideas for different types of eating philosophies as well as a collection of ethnic and international ideas will be here for your viewing. Some blog post series will be about specific foods, seasonings, and methods.
I am all about the fusion of traditional, cultural or international food recipes with anything fresh that I can find in the garden or at local produce auctions and markets.
I will invite visitors to participate by sharing their recipes and ideas.

While I create my  menus for 1922 Starkey House B & B guests, I am sensitive to some of the special diets that my guests may have such as Vegan, Vegetarian, low fat, low sugar, and gluten-free.

My menu will is sweet and simple offering yummy breakfast choices that have successfully tickled the taste buds of friends and family for years. My cooking emphasis is on the use of fresh, whole ingredients whenever possible. I depend mostly on the readily available produce of my local farming friends for fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, and eggs. That way I know I will always provide my guests with the freshest and best.