Sunday, October 19, 2014

1922 Starkey House Guest Reviews-Central Wine Country Location on the West Side of Breathtaking Seneca Lake

A journal sits on the buffet in the dining room of 1922 Starkey House, that is filled with guest comments. These are not actual reviews but thoughts they write, usually at the end of their stay and as they are departing.

I always appreciate kind words and remain encouraged by what they write. I have learned that the main reason I love this business and enjoy my guests so much is because they are sincere in their words and also because they truly have the best time while staying here. From the hot cup of tea that welcomes them when they arrive, the freshly made up comfort of their room, to the "over the top" breakfast every morning . . . these are the things I dedicate my time to for them . . . to make their experience here a memorable one so they will look forward to returning.

August 2014

"Thank you so much for all of your gracious hospitality . . . the scrumptious food, beautiful & comfortable bedroom, late night snacks . . . we really enjoyed ourselves!! . . . "
Hugs to you!

Sharlene and Alan

August 2014

"We had a wonderful stay here and enjoyed your breakfasts Immensely!! Will definitely recommend it!"

Frank & Emily
Brewster, NY

September 2014

"I always dreamed about coming to New York and the Finger Lakes. Now, we came to this beautiful place! We feel like home. Thank you so much for your great hospitality, everything is so wonderful! This is the perfect place to stay, I will tell friends and family."

Yehuda, Ahuva
Haifa, Israel

October 2014

"Lovely B & B! Enjoyed the wonderful accommodations and food, and talking with Cathy who was very helpful with information about the area. Would love to come back!"

Natalie & Tom
Newark, DE

These are just a few of the comments. Please arrange your Finger Lakes Getaway. 1922 Starkey House Bed & Breakfast Inn is open year round unlike many of the bed and breakfasts or inns here in the region. Call me today 607-243-7770 or email Visit the website at for room descriptions and availability calendar to make your reservation online. 

Seasonal rates go into effect December 15 and still include the same great breakfast each morning.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Reviews For Bed and Breakfast on Seneca Lake: 1922 Starkey House Guests

Guests are liking the fresh and delicious breakfasts, spacious rooms, cleanliness and great proximity to everything at the Starkey House in the heart of the Finger Lakes.

Its location, very close to Watkins Glen, Penn Yan, Hammondport, Geneva, and Corning New York creates the idea "home base" for a shorter or longer vacation getaway. If you stay for a couple of days the house is right on the Seneca Wine Trail so you can fit in some wine tastings and enjoy a few outstanding cafes and restaurants just a few minutes away. Anyone staying four or more days will benefit from the house's "hub" location too. Day trips out to see Niagara Falls, seeking out museums near Canandaigua, or experiencing Cayuga Lake and its waterfalls, for example, are so easy!
Here's what guests have written in the book recently.

"Thank you for everything and accommodating our special dietary needs. Fabulous! The room, you, the scenery, were wonderful. All the best. Rest assured I will be back."
Laura, Binghamton, NY  3/30/2014

 "Cathy, We had a wonderful visit-very comfortable room, delicious food, and great hospitality! We'd love to come back in the summer."
Bob and Elaine 2/16/2014

"Cathy, Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us and helping us to explore the area. Your breakfasts were creative and delicious!"
Steve and Diane, Hope, NJ   11/10/13

For more current reviews go to TripAdvisor to read what other guests of 1922 Starkey House have written.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Morning Walk to Seneca Lake from 1922 Starkey House Bed & Breakfast Inn

As the sunrise hit the landing at Starkey Point, formerly known as Brewer's Point, I began to get ready to plan my return to Sunday morning walks from the house.

Sunrise on Seneca Lake taken from
1922 Starkey House Bed & Breakfast Inn

1922 Starkey House was built by C. Raymond Brewer back in the early twenties. The Brewer family owned the majority of land in Starkey at the time, from here, where the house was built, down to the point where there was lots of lake activity. I like to imagine what life was like back then and through the 1930's and on.

With my camera in hand, as usual, and the sun shining brightly for the first time in a few days, I stepped out to see what I could see.

 The country road down to the lake is so quaint and beautiful. Many guests of the Starkey House have enjoyed this scene in all seasons.

 The highlight of this walk was babbling creeks and waterfalls! After a long winter and a lot of snow, the slow melt has begun. Everything smells wonderful, the fragrance that tells you spring is finally here.
 Starkey Point was quiet and serene this morning. The water was a turquoise blue and clear. This shot is pointing north towards Dresden.

Brooks rush under a bridge down to Seneca Lake.
The stones and rocks at the bottom of the lake were sparkling and easy to see through the clear water. The sun hit each one just the right way. How peaceful!
I stayed a while just to catch some sun and a breath. If you would like to collect some Zen, this is the spot. I walked back up the hill feeling revitalized and refreshed. Now, back to preparing for the season's guests wanting to make the Finger Lakes and 1922 Starkey House their vacation retreat. See you soon!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Unplug and Detox: Finger Lakes Cure for Mind and Body

The best way to unwind, clear your mind, and rest your body is to escape to Finger Lakes Wine Country and 1922 Starkey House.

Relax with a meditative walk . . .

Breathe in crisp, clean country air . . .

Take in views of lakes, streams, and waterfalls . . .

Sleep in a warm, comfortable bed . . .

Smell the aroma of a healthy, fresh breakfast prepared with food that is good for you, that will rejuvenate your body. And, it is made by someone other than you!

Leave the devices home
 and give your mind and body a special treat.

Book your getaway today. It's been a very long winter!

1922 Starkey House Bed & Breakfast Inn
254 Dundee Starkey Rd.
Dundee, NY   14837

607-243-7770 or 607-316-0069
E-mail owner and innkeeper Cathy Moskal

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spring 2014 Finger Lakes Getaway Package: Customize Your Vacation at 1922 Starkey House Bed & Breakfast Inn

Predictions are that travelers having survived the freezing cold temperatures and snow storms of 2013 and 2014 will be planning their spring getaways early this year. I don't blame them! Let's have some sunshine and fun!  Also, they will be seeking value-added packages that are prearranged to make their stay easier.

The 1922 Starkey House Bed & Breakfast is the perfect destination. Travel packages can be customized to your liking, your length and time of stay. And, this year I am loading them up with extras!

The Starkey House reservation calender has been filling and I am conjuring up some delicious new freshly made delights to serve!

Owner, Innkeeper Cathy Moskal's signature
banana and strawberry appetizer at the Starkey House

Blueberry crepes made with fruits fresh from
Finger Lakes farms at 1922 Starkey House Inn

Reservations here not only include a two-course "farm to table" breakfast fit for royalty, but can also be enhanced with lunch or dinner vouchers to many of our great cafes and restaurants, and wine-tasting passes to local wineries. We are located right on the Seneca Lake Wine trail!

 We can arrange wine tours by limo for couples celebrating that special event or groups of friends ready to have some fun without the bother of driving.

Perhaps you would like us to include museum tickets,value-added coupons to local retail establishments, or dinner boat cruises around the lakes.
Dinner boat cruises available on Seneca Lake
How about a romantic sailboat schooner cruise?

You might like to know that the region is booming with the growth of new microbreweries and distilleries. Tasting passes are available at the Starkey House when making your package reservation.

What would you like to do? How long will you stay? Perhaps you are an outdoor enthusiast? Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts about waterfalls and parks, fishing and boating.

There is so much to do here in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York.
Call Cathy at 607-243-7770 or E-mail to discuss your "Value Added Package". 
Cathy Moskal
Owner and Innkeeper of 1922 Starkey House

I am ready to make your stay the most comfortable and unforgettable, enticing you to come back again!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Special Attractions Along the Finger Lakes Wine Trail Near Watkins Glen

I have two new neighbors! Starkey House guests have stopped to take pictures. Have you ever seen or heard of miniature donkeys?
This is Gabriel and Winnie, a pair of loveable donkeys that just arrived last fall.

Starkey House neighbors, Winnie and Gabriel

They are especially friendly and love having their picture taken! As I walked up to their fence they came out of their lean-to and came right up to say hi. I've never seen anything so cute!

Winnie and Gabriel are Miniature Donkeys
near 1922 Starkey House Bed & Breakfast Inn

Winnie and Gabriel posing for a picture

They have been keeping each other warm enough in this very cold weather with their thick furry coats. Soon, as my neighbor mentioned, they will be able to be saddled for the kids to ride.

My guests find them to be interesting and unusual, and always come back from a bike ride, run, or walk with happy stories about them. Many take their own pictures as a remembrance of their great time at the Starkey House and its surroundings.

As the springtime comes around, hope to see you here for your Finger Lakes vacation getaway. We are centrally located near Watkins Glen, Penn Yan, Hammondsport, Corning and Ithaca, NY. There are so many great things to see and do here along the wine trail. Looking forward to hosting you!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Finger Lakes Sunny Morning Walks by Cathy Moskal of 1922 Starkey House Bed & Breakfast Inn

The temperature was skyrocketing around the Starkey House along Seneca Lake as the thermometer reached a blistering forty-five degrees! After experiencing our subzero freezing cold and windy days and months before, I realized that this might be the "winter thaw" that we all wait for, and I had better get out for my, much missed, morning walk. The forecast for next week is for a return to freezing and snow.

I love walks around the historic hamlet of Starkey. It does not matter what season it is or what the weather is doing, I always discover interesting and fun things happening that are photo and blog post worthy! I've snapped pictures of early spring blooms, cloud caps as they hover over Seneca Lake, neighbors out enjoying lake views, and the ever changing hues of sunlit vineyards and fields.
Cold Seneca Lake Winter of 2013-14
This one of the Finger Lakes has not frozen
over since 1912

Yesterday was no different as I set out for a stretch, camera in hand. It did not take long to come up on my neighbor Mr. LaFever, cutting wood for his fireplace. With a stack of freshly cut logs to one side and a powered log splitter on the other, Eb was busy dragging, splitting and stacking perfectly cut pieces to last for the duration of our very long and exceptionally cold winter. I asked him, "Are you going to split all that by yourself? His reply was, "Got to with those darn fuel costs going up and up!" We then had a quick exchange about the ridiculous costs of propane and fuel oil used here in the country and then I was on my way again.

The cold winter of 2014
Bringing in the wood near 1922 Starkey House
Bed & Breakfast Inn

Everything is so pretty on a sunny winter day. The LaFever's little red storage barn was an "I LoveNY" sight against the white snow. What could be more quaint than this country setting?

Finger Lakes Countryside near
1922 Starkey House along Seneca Lake

After being spoiled by a number of recent years of comparatively mild winters I was not too keen on this season's surprise from late October to now. But as I reflect back to my childhood on a farm in Altay, NY, just about ten miles from Starkey, I remember the long, hard winters from back then and the fun we had.

I am learning to embrace, once again, the beauty and natural wonder that nature has bestowed on us and the child that still exists inside. Time to get out the sled and build the snowman!