Thursday, January 20, 2011

Saturated With the Aroma of Vineyards, Gardens, . . . and Freshly Brewed Coffee...

The 1922 Starkey House
 Bed & Breakfast

is situated on almost two acres of green lawns and gardens. Guests have a view of the west side of Seneca Lake from most rooms or the double wrap spacious veranda porches. Gardens loaded with Tulips, Peonies, Lilies, Daisies, Lupines, and other perennials or annuals can be seen from every window.

I have plans for a chime meditation sitting garden and garden that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies. I have already transplanted about four Bee balm bushes, ideal for that purpose supplying nectar and fragrance, and will be looking into getting more butterfly bushes or any other plant that will draw them in. Your suggestions are welcomed!

The Peony gardens
were originally started by the former owners before me, the Kofler family when they were given a plant or two from my lovely friend and neighbor, Dorothy (Dottie) Newcomb. I transplanted still another fifteen plants in hope of spreading Dottie's love for gardening and my memories of her.

There is an original gazebo nestled beneath a very old Sycamore tree. I was told by the former "Buster" and Mary Brewer, that it was used as a place to have shady summer lunches by those who worked for his father, the original owner, C. Raymond Brewer.

 Mr. Brewer owned vineyards and other fruit orchards. These workers helped out there and in the packing plant that once was located across the road on Starkey Corners. I wish I could "blink" myself back to the 1920's, back to the house and the gazebo. I can just picture sunburned, hot and tired hired hands lying down or sitting in the shade, especially during harvest time. The gazebo will get a fresh coat of paint, most likely, this Spring!  Be my  guest and enjoy it in the same way....but I promise I will not make you work!

                                          Vineyards at Fulkerson Winery

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