Wednesday, January 5, 2011

About Me: Life is a Journey


Life is a Journey
"Some travel a straight road where their lives are defined from the moment they are born. Others take many a side path, fox hole, or perhaps, the road not taken by others to seek their passion." 
Cathy Moskal

I was born in the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York during the 1950's, the youngest of six children. I won't say when in the decade so that you might guess me to be a little younger.

 I enjoyed living on our farm and going to school by bus to Dundee daily. I loved studying and having fun with friends engaging in music, art and sporting activities. I also loved playing and working on our farm. I graduated high school and left to find the world, to live in northern Bergen County, New Jersey, very close to New York City.

There, I raised a family of three beautiful children, now wonderful adults. When they decided  to leave home to find their own world I began thinking about some of the dreams and passions I had placed aside in order to fulfill my "mommy duties."

Not a day had passed, since my younger years, that I did not think of starting some sort of business. For some reason, I knew I had this creative, ambitious instinct that was entrepreneurial like none other. Do you know how you feel when you are doing something...anything, that you just love, that you don't realize how much time has passed by and you forget to eat or sleep? It's kind of like being in love. Some things are like that for me. I don't ask for them but ideas and questions pop into my head all the time. I have driven my family and friends crazy with my ideas through the years.

I did work creatively and hard on developing a successful Seattle-style Espresso business in a busy mall. It was a short-lived experience, however I knew that at this time, I would be able to pull from those things that I taught myself and learned from other people in my life experience to build another business again.

When I first bought and moved into the Starkey House, I saw this dream coming to life once more. The elegant spaciousness and original craftsmanship sparked my ideas and I could actually see it as a bed & breakfast. Not to mention that the location near Seneca Lake is ideal for future guests to enjoy all that the area has to offer with easy access to everything.

I am passionate about many things. It will be great to develop this new business based on what I am made of and what I believe in. Things like growing, eating and cooking healthy food, working hard but relaxing peacefully, the arts, music, and love for community. I believe that it is important to be grateful for and respectful to our God-given natural land and to those people who work it every day to provide us with the fruits of the earth. Most importantly it necessary to show appreciation to our family and friends. Without them I would have no dream or passion...or goal that would be worthwhile.
Please join me ... on my new journey.

You may comment on any post or page of this site in the comment box way at the bottom of the post.. with any thought or question. By doing so you will help me as in real conversation to continue writing other posts. Thank you.

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