Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Perfect Silence of Snow: A Finger Lakes Post From the Past

There is something spiritual and peaceful about freshly fallen snow  the presence of which can be so simple yet so overwhelming. I love the silence and the look of undisturbed snow covered grounds. They always seem to say, "Don't walk in me or touch me unless you have a good to play or build a snowman."
When I was a child growing up on a farm  located between Seneca and Keuka Lakes, here in upstate New York, I witnessed many a heavy winter snowfall. I was always intrigued by the forms, shapes, and hues it would create as it covered everything in sight.

My imagination would lead me to remember the flowers of the previous summer in full bloom. I would look around and identify each spot where the Tulip and Daffodil bulbs were sleeping comfortably and dormant waiting to raise their pretty heads when the Spring thaw became evident. I would glance up at our acres of fields and woods, and remember my walks with my father or brothers during the warmer months. I could see the rolling green alfalfa, the rambling little creek down the lane and the trees in the hedgerows, and the pond. Everything is blanketed during the winter...just taking a rest and getting ready to pop with life in just a couple of months, hopefully.

Spring always comes and the country comes alive again. It will get busy here, around the lakes. Birds will build their nests, buds will blossom, and visitors will come to taste wine and cheese or have fun at the numerous regional farm and cultural festivals. Cottages will be opened by those looking forward to swimming, boating, kayaking and fishing. Those seeking a Finger Lakes getaway will begin to arrive.

I am waiting patiently... but for now, I am appreciating the silence and beauty that the good Lord has provided.

This was one of my first posts from last year and on my favorites list. 


  1. To play, build a snowman, or an Alpine slide ;)

    1. Missed building the alpine slide for now. Maybe a little later this winter.


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