Thursday, June 16, 2011

Catalpa Tree? What is it?
Read this interesting article about a Catalpa Tree in NY City from the NY Times.

Catalpa trees have been loved by many for a long time. Their fragrance fills the air at this time in June as breezes blow off of the lake. I can even smell it inside the house which makes me want to open every window! The house is smiling now, permeated by this giant creature living right in my front yard at 1922 Starkey House Bed & Breakfast Inn.

 If you can see that the house is three stories high and the Catalpa, in the middle with blooms, towers over it.

The leaves can be as large as 14 to 16 inches long and 12 inches wide. 

It has clusters of flowers that smell so sweet. Each resembles an orchid. Imagine seeing a huge tree loaded with these beautiful blooms!  I was so impressed by its beauty that I decided to name a room at 1922 Starkey House the "Catalpa Room."  Guests will see it outside the windows of their room when staying here.

Unfortunately, like all blooming plants, shrubs, and trees, the breathtaking event must be seen and appreciated inside the time frame of about one week or so, depending on the weather.

I tried my best to have the Catalpa Room represent the beauty of the tree. The room has beautiful lighting and is the only room quietly located in the Northeast corner of the house.

To find out more about reserving the Catalpa Room for your Finger Lakes vacation getaway, go to directly to the RESERVATION PAGE.

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