Monday, August 8, 2011

Breathtaking Summer Sunset Views from the Harbor South End of Seneca Lake, Watkins Glen, NY

A World Class View that compares to 
so many others I have seen 
in other parts of the US or Europe,
the harbor area at the 
southern tip of Seneca Lake in
the Finger Lakes NY . . . what's best is that
 I was born here.
Sunset from the harbor south end of Seneca Lake
Silhouette of "True Love" Schooner docked at the harbor at the south end of Seneca Lake

I was just talking with my lifelong friend, Marsha about how we grew up in this gorgeous area taking its natural beauty for granted. She lived in a house overlooking Seneca Lake. I was raised inland a little in the rural area called Altay, NY between Keuka and Seneca Lakes, near the little lakes of Lamoka and Waneta.  I lived in a farmhouse that was in a traditional vintage Americana setting, and she lived in a more modern ranch that had been built by her father, she was and is, always proud to say. I moved away and raised my family in New Jersey and spent some time living in New Orleans, LA. Marsha stayed in the area with her husband James and they raised their daughter together here.

No matter . . . we went to the same school in Dundee where we attended Kindergarten through twelfth grade as all the children did in our area.  We picked the berries and grapes as part-time jobs for the farmers in the area. Grapes, raspberries, apples, and cherries have been grown here for over a century.

But, we both agree now after so many years, that we have always loved it here but now, as adults appreciate this beautiful area, God's Country; the phenomenas that we see every day like sunrises, rainbows, and early morning cloud caps over the lake. We agree that this has got to be
one of the most beautiful places on earth to live.
View from the west side of Seneca Lake near Fulkerson's Winery early morning

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