Friday, February 17, 2012

Passionate About Writing by Innkeeper Cathy Moskal: Passionate in the Finger Lakes and Historic 1922 Starkey House Bed & Breakfast Inn

As I read through this past year's posts I can see how the beginnings of my dream project, 1922 Starkey House Bed & Breakfast Inn have come to life and have turned into a successful reality.
Cathy Moskal
Owner, Innkeeper
1922 Starkey House BB
Blog Author

I began writing about everything that interests me and everything I am passionate about last January 2011. With the encouragement of my daughter, Rachael, who writes her own successful blog about integrative health, I embraced all that was welling up inside and began to express every idea, thought and plan. "Just begin . . . start somewhere . . . write about what you know about and love . . .the rest will follow."

Overall, I see that my post topics were sort of all over the place but then, there were so many things I wanted to investigate and write about and I feel there are still, hundreds, maybe thousands more. I guess you could say that I write for the moment and what is meaningful to me at that time. I also wish to connect  everything that is good to readers of my pages with the experiences that visitors to my house have when they are here; when they relax and get comfortable, eat my freshly prepared, healthy breakfasts, learn about architecture and the history of the house, enjoy Seneca Lake views, and take in all the area has to offer

Today, I am celebrating 9,000 page visits for my creative piece, "Passionate in the Finger Lakes." That is a lot of pages for my small spot in blog readers' world compared to other, more developed writings that are written in a more topic-specific style. Although I write about specific topics, I tend to blend them and connect them to each other and to my guests. I continue to be just as excited to greet every new guest today, as I was greeting my first guests last summer.

As things grow and new ideas evolve, so to does my enthusiasm to continue to find new ideas to write about. The Finger Lakes Region is growing rapidly with new businesses springing up all over. Although I spent much of my adult life living away from here, reality is that I was born and raised here.

I remember what my childhood was like on the farm. I have flashbacks of the days of picking berries in the summer and grapes in the fall to earn a little teen spending money. When I returned, it was with a new perspective.  As I pass by the many, beautifully developed vineyards and world-class tasting rooms that offer some of the finest wines I search my mind's eye to remember what everything use to be like here.

Thanks to all of my readers. This year's postings should bring a greater assortment  of topics, everything from my garden (I planted one hundred-fifty tulips and daffodils last fall) to fresh local food menus. I can't wait for the produce auctions to begin again! 

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