Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Morning Meditation Walk

A brisk walk down to Seneca Lake from the 1922 Starkey House was just what I needed on Easter Sunday.

My weekend guests were done with their breakfasts of three-egg omelets and sauteed asparagus, with sausage and grilled French bread. So, I was able to take a moment for myself to enjoy this beautiful sunny morning.

It turned out to be more than a moment. As I began down towards the lake with my camera in pocket, as usual, I found myself wrapped up in nature and progressed all the way down to the beach a little north of Starkey Point. Stopping along the way, I captured a few lovely pics for you to enjoy.

Apple blossoms along the shores of Seneca Lake near Starkey Point

The sky was perfect and nearly cloudless, and a deep blue. The lake was calm and clear. A perfect time to go down and sit on my neighbor's dock, close my eyes and, and soak up a peaceful moment.

A peaceful morning view of Seneca Lake on Easter Sunday
There was not a soul around, just the birds and one fish jumping. As I glanced down the shoreline, I envisioned what this spot is like midsummer when the lakes people are enjoying every moment fishing, swimming, boating, grilling, laughing, and just kicking back to relax.

The docks and boat hoists in early Spring before
before busy Summer fun along Seneca Lake
As I looked down and saw the bottom of rocks, I noticed how clear the water was. Later in the summer the seaweed will make its way through the rocks creating habitats for all God's creatures close to the shore.

My walk back was a bit more of a challenge as always! On my way up the trail from the shore I noticed these two empty chairs near a neighbor's dock, under a willow tree.

They seemed peaceful too and I imagined their owners, in just a few months sitting one morning, enjoying warm lake breezes as I did this Easter morning of 2012. I said "thank you and . . . so long" as I began my vertical climb.

Two chairs along the shores of Seneca Lake, a short walk
from 1922 Starkey House Bed & Breakfast Inn near Watkins Glen
taken by Cathy Moskal, Innkeeper

The last site I took in before an energetic climb back to the Starkey House was this small waterfall at the mouth of a brook that runs near the house.

As you hike towards the lake shores from above you can, naturally hear many small brooks running; all making their way to the lake. There has not been a large amount of rain so this one is green with moss and has a slow flow for now. The earthy colors are spectacular . . . not sure if my camera does them justice.

Mini waterfall coming down the cliffs of Seneca Lake
I hope you can come to see the beauty of the Finger Lakes Region. There are many natural wonders to take in if you love the outdoors.

And, don't forget our summer festivals, wine trails, auto racing, and . . .the list goes on. Happy "new beginnings" to all of you!

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