Sunday, February 23, 2014

Finger Lakes Sunny Morning Walks by Cathy Moskal of 1922 Starkey House Bed & Breakfast Inn

The temperature was skyrocketing around the Starkey House along Seneca Lake as the thermometer reached a blistering forty-five degrees! After experiencing our subzero freezing cold and windy days and months before, I realized that this might be the "winter thaw" that we all wait for, and I had better get out for my, much missed, morning walk. The forecast for next week is for a return to freezing and snow.

I love walks around the historic hamlet of Starkey. It does not matter what season it is or what the weather is doing, I always discover interesting and fun things happening that are photo and blog post worthy! I've snapped pictures of early spring blooms, cloud caps as they hover over Seneca Lake, neighbors out enjoying lake views, and the ever changing hues of sunlit vineyards and fields.
Cold Seneca Lake Winter of 2013-14
This one of the Finger Lakes has not frozen
over since 1912

Yesterday was no different as I set out for a stretch, camera in hand. It did not take long to come up on my neighbor Mr. LaFever, cutting wood for his fireplace. With a stack of freshly cut logs to one side and a powered log splitter on the other, Eb was busy dragging, splitting and stacking perfectly cut pieces to last for the duration of our very long and exceptionally cold winter. I asked him, "Are you going to split all that by yourself? His reply was, "Got to with those darn fuel costs going up and up!" We then had a quick exchange about the ridiculous costs of propane and fuel oil used here in the country and then I was on my way again.

The cold winter of 2014
Bringing in the wood near 1922 Starkey House
Bed & Breakfast Inn

Everything is so pretty on a sunny winter day. The LaFever's little red storage barn was an "I LoveNY" sight against the white snow. What could be more quaint than this country setting?

Finger Lakes Countryside near
1922 Starkey House along Seneca Lake

After being spoiled by a number of recent years of comparatively mild winters I was not too keen on this season's surprise from late October to now. But as I reflect back to my childhood on a farm in Altay, NY, just about ten miles from Starkey, I remember the long, hard winters from back then and the fun we had.

I am learning to embrace, once again, the beauty and natural wonder that nature has bestowed on us and the child that still exists inside. Time to get out the sled and build the snowman!

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