Friday, March 23, 2012

Evidence That Spring is Busting Out All Over at Historic 1922 Starkey House Bed & Breakfast

With extreme warm weather arriving early, guests are actually able to enjoy breakfast on the veranda already here at 1922 Starkey House! 

South Veranda at 1922 Starkey House BB along the
Seneca Lake Wine Trail

Birds are all around seeking out this year's nest location. A number of Robins, (my favorite) are going to "repurpose" nests built last year in the bends of my many rain downspouts. The nests, well-built, are all still intact, surprisingly.

I cannot believe that everything is beginning to bud and bloom now in March!
Let's hope that a freeze does not come to spoil all of the fun.

The grounds are still in need of spring-cleaning but I though I would share a few of the lovely little leaves and buds popping out their heads to say hello.

Gardens at 1922 Starkey House Bed & Breakfast
I planted many new perennials last fall and I am really excited to see them coming alive. I put in about seventy-five early, mid and late blooming tulips along with about one hundred daffodils. There are about five new Veronica, many Day Lilies, and Hosta.

Magnolia buds will be opened within the next few days!

Peonies making their way through the warm soil 
Ahh yes! My beloved Peonies! These plants have been here for years and I transplant more to extend their beauty and life every year. They are loyal beauties that provide the most gorgeous and fragrant blooms without fail. Will they make it to June this year, their normal full bloom month here in Central NY?
I hope so. Life without Peonies is not as happy.

Bleeding Heart bush will grow about three feet in diameter
and about three feet high. This one shows off with lovely
pink, heart-shaped blooms in the gardens at historic Finger Lakes
Starkey House Bed & Breakfast 
This is the time of year that things change in the garden very rapidly. Everything seems to grow before your eyes. (Is that why some of the pics are blurry? or could it be my camera? . . .time for a new one I think).

Hope you can make it here to visit the beautiful Finger Lakes Region.
Check your dates here and arrange your getaway now. There are five spacious and clean rooms to pick from now, including a new two-room suite. All have private baths and of course, and "over the top" breakfast is included!

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