Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Seneca Lake Morning Walk -there's nothing more beautiful than the mist over the lake . . .

Winter never really did arrive here in the Finger Lakes along the
 Seneca Lake Wine Trail  just north of Glenora.

Still, I slacked off a little on taking my morning walks until this morning.

The very warm weather we've been having now in March has jet propelled every bird, bud, bug, and bulb (there may be more "b" words to go with this) into new heights! As I made the easy walk along Malthouse Road I was quickly reminded of the natural beauty that awakes every spring just footsteps away from the Starkey House.
Apple trees in the morning along Seneca Lake
As I crossed the highway and down into the brook areas of my walk I checked out the rambling waterfalls along the way, making a mental note that although there was not much snow this year, the brooks were still rapidly tripping over stones and rocks along their way to deep, cold and beautiful Seneca Lake.

Rambling brook leading to Seneca Lake, a walk
from 1922 Starkey House Bed & Breakfast
There is one spot to capture the most extensive lake view. With the leaves still off the trees the lake appears bigger and longer than ever. What a beautiful deep blue this morning.

A small stretch of Seneca Lake from Starkey NY
just a bit of the thirty-eight mile long lake 

I finally make my way down to overlook Starkey Point, once called Brewer's Point.
 C.Raymond Brewer was the business man that built Starkey House back in the early 1920's. 
His grandson Raymond and wife Ginny now live nearby in the family house of
Ray's parents Buster and Mary Brewer.

Starkey Point on Seneca Lake between Glenora and Dresden
a three quarter mile walk from 1922 Starkey House

The sights are sounds are both loud and peaceful as Spring brings forth, once again, but a little earlier,
all that was sleeping just a few weeks ago. The walk back up to the house is a lot more vertical and challenging! A great way to get my heart pumping and to start a new day.
 Hope you can visit sometime.

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