Friday, May 11, 2012

Robin's Nest at 1922 Starkey House: A Country Retreat in the Finger Lakes

A mother Robin has found a place for her new nest in my parsley pot on the carport ledge right out a midst the gardens at the Starkey House.

I do not know why she chose a spot so out in the open and exposed but it has been fun watching, still another nest, another year. 

The beginnings of a Robin's Nest at 1922 Starkey House
located centrally, in the Finger Lakes Region.

I was not sure if the nest would survive the late snow storm at the end of April since Mamma Robin took flight for several days while the men were cleaning up the damages caused by fallen branches all around the property. Their noisy chainsaws kept all creatures away for a few days.

I stopped paying attention for a day or so and when I finally checked the nest again it appears that I missed some new events. There were two eggs in the nest! I believe Robins lay one a day or so.
A deep turquoise blue, two Robin's eggs will be warmed by their mother
and watched over by their father in order to hatch soon this May.

After missing one day, Mrs. Robin decided to lay a third egg. I believe that will be the size of her batch this time. Robins often have second nests later in the season. Although I love watching the progress right outside of my kitchen door, I do hope she chooses a safer location for the next time. It will be interesting to see if the chicks survive until they are mature enough to fly away.

And then there were three . . . what a lovely sight!

I will keep you updated on Mrs. Robin's progress. Stay tuned!
Have a blessed day!

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